Splash Jammer - Child - Up in the Air

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These new sporty Splash Jammers provide all the security of a Happy Nappy but in a more grown up design for those young children who are just potty trained and for those that need a little extra help. Approved by swim schools all over the world the Splash Jammers can be worn in place of the Happy Nappy as your toddler grows.

Splash Jammers provide all the assurance of a Happy Nappy, swim nappy, but in a more grown up and sporty design. Designed to minimize the risk of feacal leaks, with an ergonomic form fitting shape, specialist fabric at the waist and medical grade silicone on the thigh. Available in great designs for both boys and girls and manufactured from super soft neoprene for comfort and fit, the Jammers can be worn alone.


2-3 years 44-52 cm
24-30 cm
3-4 years 46-54 cm 26-32 cm

If you require 4+ years please see Incontinence & Disability Swimwear.

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