Splash About Happy Nappy Range Swimwear

At Aussie Babies 2 Kids we provide a wide range of swimwear products which protect children from those harmful rays. Our huge range of baby and toddler approved swimwear include Splash About’s reusable Happy Nappy products.

Our Range

Our range include Disability Swimwear, Splash About Happy Nappies, Splash About Happy Nappy Costumes, Swim Nappies, Baby Wraps, Baby Wetsuits, Kids Wetsuits, Splash About Warm in One Wetsuits and Splash About Floatation Jackets. All of our products are tried and tested and loved by parents worldwide. The Happy Nappy Swimsuit is the only one to include an authentic Splash About Happy Nappy Swim Nappy which provides reliable protection against solid leaks. Our beautiful designs are unique and will last wear after wear.