S.O.K.S - Stand Out Kids Vests - Rocket Vest
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S.O.K.S - Stand Out Kids Vests - Rocket Vest

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Let your little boy fly to the stars in this mega bright and fun design. The front pocket is
fake - we didn't want it to catch on playground equipment! The pocket on the back, however, is real and contains an identification/medical information card for your precious Rocket Man.


High Visibility Clothing for Children

High visibility clothing for children by Stand Out Kids is specially designed and created in a range of 5 fluorescent, friendly and funky vests that will fit toddlers from 1 - 5 years old.

Our high visibility clothing for children promote far greater visibility and therefore peace of mind for parents (and possibly a little more independence for your child). Stand Out Kids range of clothing will enable you to spot your child quickly and easily in any crowded, busy or potentially dangerous situation. It is ALWAYS beneficial for your child to stand out.

Children’s high vis vests are ideal for:

  • Outdoor playgrounds
  • Pre-school/school runs
  • Roadways/alerting passing motorists
  • Indoor soft play zones
  • Shops
  • Adventure/Theme Parks
  • Cycling
  • Airports
  • Nature walks etc

The children’s high vis vests are designed to be worn directly over the top of the child's existing outfit/shirt/jacket.

Children’s high visibility clothing features:

  • Reflective detailing for added visibility in low light conditions (perfect for those drizzly, dull days or dusk time)
  • "IF LOST..." pocket on rear of vest containing an identification/information card
  • Rear double-fastening - ensures your toddler cannot remove the vest without your knowledge (not that they would want to, but safety first!)
  • Eye-catching, friendly designs that kids love!

Don’t take a chance with your child’s safety!


Size Age (approx.)
Small 1 - 2 years
Medium 2 - 3 years
Large 3 - 5 years